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Beadable Pens make great gifts and can be adapted to your own designs.  

The beadable pens can also make a great addition to any table setting.  Just add letter beads and they can be transformed into a place name as well as double up for a gift or wedding favour.

Beadable Pens are easy to bead, just unscrew the end, bead up to the thread mark and resecure the end, being careful not to over tighten.  

I use a bead with a minimum 2mm in diameter hole.  If using a large hole bead, I normally put a round bead either side to fix it better in place.  Also any smaller gaps I fill with smaller spacer beads.  

If any beadable pen is showing as out of stock, I can normally get these shipped within 7 - 10 days




TIP: I have found that if I have overtightened a beadable pen which has been known to break the thread, then I dip the end in some pinflair glue gel, which can be found in the craft section for cardmaking, and resecure the end and wait for it to dry.


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